One Race

We hear a lot talked about racism in today’s world because sadly much hatred has grown up over the centuries between different ethnic groups. But why? It would be true to say that evolution has had a significant part to play in the process. Evolutionists have suggested that certain groups of human beings (e.g. the Australian Aborigines) are less advanced than most of us, in other words, less descended from the apes! Such theories can only give way to racist attitudes, because they detract from the fact that there is only one human race.

If we are all one family descended from Adam and Eve, then how do we account for the differences between the various ethnic groups? Take for example the matter of skin colour. The differences occur because of a single substance called melanin which produces skin pigmentation. Different human beings have this in different quantities giving rise to varying skin colour. Only an extremely small percentage of human genes are responsible for differences between the ethnic groups, and these are no more significant than other differences between human beings.

The section on Adam and Eve explains how variety was introduced into the human race. Adam and Eve probably had mid-brown skin as they carried the genes for producing both fair and dark skin.

So why do we find that people of a certain appearance are native to a given part of the world? There are biological reasons why it is advantageous to have dark skin in a hot climate and fair skin in a cool climate, and quite simply, natural selection will have taken place! Natural selection can realistically operate in this way even though it can never result in the evolution of one life form from another.

Don’t forget that everyone, whatever their ethnic group, is your blood relative!