Andrew Perry

Web Design and Development

I am able to offer a web design and development service with the following features and benefits:-

  • Your site can be designed from scratch or built according to your custom specifications.
  • As much of your site content as possible should ideally be maintainable by yourselves so that you can keep your site up to date at all times. For this purpose, two main options are available:-
    • The normal option is to develop the site using WordPress, now the world’s leading and most popular content management system, and with access to a vast range of themes and plugins to cater for almost any need. Customised theme design is also available as is custom written code in order to provide specialised functionality for your own particular requirements.
    • If you prefer, your site can be built using a more basic system rather than with WordPress, but still with a user-friendly database interface in order to maintain your site. Whilst this may not lend itself as well as WordPress in terms of ongoing maintenance and addition of new facilities, the option is there if this is what you would prefer.
  • Sites are hosted with a leading web hosting provider. You can choose between hosting on a conventional platform or alternatively one with SSD (solid state disc) technology, providing faster access speed. Options and prices are listed on the pricing page.
  • I can register a new domain for you or transfer an existing domain to my own web hosting provider. Alternatively if you already have a domain registered elsewhere, it should normally be possible to point this to the new hosting location at no extra cost.

Additional features that have been used in existing sites include:-

  • Photo and image galleries.
  • Media downloads.
  • User login and registration.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Multilingual facilities (excluding actual language text translation).

If there are any other features you require, then please do not hesitate to ask!!