Our Family Tree

Welcome to our online family tree. This is part of the family web site of Andrew and Shirley Perry and daughters Sarah and Rachel. We live on the Wirral peninsula in the north west of England. Andrew’s family originates mainly from East Anglia and the Fens. Shirley’s family originates mainly from the north west of England, though the Steer branch can be traced back to Somerset and Devon.

Andrew began researching his family history while in his mid to late teens, but this went on hold for many years. Our interest in this subject has seen a something of revival in recent times, particularly as Rachel is now very keen. Our online tree will always be a work in progress, so please revisit from time to time if you are interested.

The following eight links below point to the eight main branches of our family (i.e. each of Sarah’s and Rachel’s great-grandparents).

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