(Please accept my apologies for any errors and omissions in the following lists.)

My best friends were David Hobbs and Jonathan ('Neddie') Knowles from my own form and Dennis Wildman from the year below.

Other members of my form were: David Allott, Stephen Aveyard, Martyn Bapty, John Birkby, Ian Brook, John Brooks, Kenneth Bywood, Graham Cole, Andrew Cresswell, Harvey Dean, Mark Dickson, Mark Duckworth, Peter Halliday, John Henderson, Michael Jones, Jonathan Kaye, Martin Lister, Philip Millson, David Pank, Barry Parker, Richard Raistrick, Graham Seed, Michael Shepherd, Stephen Sloper, Philip Smith, Trevor Stephenson, Stephen Suttill, Richard Tepper, Peter Walmsley, John Warburton, David White, David Wilkinson.

Other members of my sixth form science sets were: Leslie Atkinson, Leslie Falkingham, Charles McGeachie, Peter Stanley, Timothy Robertson, Ian Wright. (If I remember rightly, Les Atkinson was Head Boy during the U6 year.)