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Although I have spent my whole working life in computer technology, my academic background is actually in pure science, having studied physics and biology to A-level and chemistry to degree level. I was brought up on a 'diet' of evolution, but as a Christian have always taken an interest in the creation vs evolution debate. After a number of years I finally came to the place of being fully convinced that the Biblical account of creation and the Flood is infinitely more reasonable than the Theory of Evolution, even from a scientific point of view. Here I will try and present some thoughts on the issue in plain simple language.


As Christians we can all testify to the many good things that God has given to us or done for us. Things are given to us to share with others, so I am using this opportunity to share various thoughts and words of testimony encountered during my journey through life.

Shared on Pinterest

I have never been one to spend a lot of time on social media sites, but I've got to admit that I love looking on Pinterest for new ideas in various areas including DIY, gardening and technology. The day came when I realised that I need to start contributing some ideas of my own. This section contains items that have been shared on Pinterest.


I am a programmer by trade and over the years have played around trying out a great many things. I have undertaken a wide variety of projects to make my own home computing experience better and would like to share some insights that may be of help or use to others.