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One Race

We hear a lot talked about racism in today’s world because sadly much hatred has grown up over the centuries between different ethnic groups. But why? It would be true to say that evolution has had a significant part to play in the process. Evolutionists have suggested that certain groups of human beings (e.g. the Australian Aborigines) are less advanced than most of us, in other words, less descended from the apes! Such theories can only give way to racist attitudes, because they detract from the fact that there is only one human race. Continue reading “One Race”

Adam and Eve

Is it reasonable to believe that the whole human race is descended from Adam and Eve? Their story is generally dismissed as mere myth and there are even sincere Christians who would claim that God created a ‘race’; of humans rather than just two individual persons. Let us therefore have a look in a bit more detail.

Every human being has two full sets of genes, one inherited from each parent. Adam and Eve would therefore have had four full sets of genes between them (albeit not inherited if they were created by God). Continue reading “Adam and Eve”


There is little doubt that dinosaurs once roamed the earth. The fossil record gives clear evidence of their existence. Many theories have been put forward to explain their disappearance, but not even the evolutionists have come up with any agreed authoritative conclusion.

Dinosaurs would have gone into the Ark with Noah because we are told that all varieties of animals were included. Continue reading “Dinosaurs”


A major global catastrophe took place when the earth was flooded at the time of Noah, and geological evidence suggests that the continents and oceans underwent massive movements. The large amounts of mud and moving sediment would have provided ideal conditions for fossilisation. Places have been found in the world where large numbers of dinosaur fossils are gathered together in a localised area, suggesting that they got caught up in some sort of sudden global catastrophe. Also there is no certain method of dating fossils (see section on radioactive dating). Continue reading “Fossils”

Radioactive Dating

Geologists use radioactive dating techniques to estimate the age of rocks and fossils. These are based on the concept that the rocks contain a small concentration of a radioactive substance which decays at a fixed rate. As it decays, the concentration of radioactive atoms decreases, with a corresponding proportional decrease in the level of emitted radiation. The level of radiation in a rock or fossil will therefore (supposedly) provide a measure of its age. Continue reading “Radioactive Dating”


Genetic information in all living things is stored in a substance known as DNA (deoxy-ribonucleic acid). This is a giant molecular structure built up of four small basic building blocks. The patterns created by the sequence of these building blocks define the actual genetic information. The DNA is organised into genes, each one defining a given attribute of the living organism. Genes are highly complex and interact with each other in a highly complex manner. Continue reading “Genetics”

Starting Point

No-one has been around for the thousands or millions of years necessary to have witnessed the origin of the earth or the universe. Whilst this may seem a ridiculous statement of the obvious, it is nevertheless one way of saying that we cannot conclusively prove how the universe came into being. Unable to do so, that leaves us with the task of having to look at the evidence available and build a scientific model that fits the facts. If more than one model is possible then we have to decide on our starting point.

On the whole matter of origins a key question when determining our starting point must be that of “Am I going to include or exclude God within my thinking?”. Would it be unreasonable to suggest that this is a moral decision rather than a scientific one? Even so it is a question that has got to be asked. Continue reading “Starting Point”

Creation vs Evolution – Introduction

The Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution have been widely accepted as popular belief within today’s society, with the Biblical account of creation being written off as a mere myth. Yet many people must have at some point asked the question “could it really have all just happened by chance?”.

If you have ever questioned the issues of creation and evolution, you may find the facts and ideas here of interest, many of which are not widely known. Continue reading “Creation vs Evolution – Introduction”