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My pricing structure for all types of work is roughly based on an hourly rate of £25 (very competitive).

For web development and software projects, I will always provide a full quote on request for any job, based upon a reasonable timescale for completion.

As a guide here are some of the basic charges for web design and hosting:-

  • Set-up and planning of site – starting price of £150, but depending on the complexity of your site.
  • Hosting of a small site (up to 10 pages, 1 database and 5 e-mail addresses) – £60 p.a.
  • Hosting of a medium site (up to 30 pages, 3 databases and 15 e-mail addresses) – £80 p.a.
  • Hosting of a large site (unlimited pages, databases and e-mail addresses) – £100 p.a.
  • Registration of a UK domain ( – £10 p.a.
  • Registration of a top level domain (.com/.org/.net) – £20 p.a.