Terms and Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions of our business. We trust that none of these will raise any major issues for you, as we anticipate a trouble-free relationship with the vast majority of clients.

  • Domain names – All new domain names will be registered in the name of the client. As such we will always respect your right as the legal owner of a domain and agree not to hinder its transfer out of our control should you ever wish to do so.
  • Payment – Fees for domain registration/hosting are payable in full at the start of each year and are not refundable. Any charges for the supply of hardware items will be payable at the time of delivery. For web design and software development, a negotiable deposit will normally be payable at the outset with the balance payable on satisfactory delivery of the finished product. For larger developments we may however wish to negotiate interim stage payments.
  • Technical support – We agree to provide a reasonable level of free technical support following the delivery of any product. Should the need for longer term technical support be identified, then we will negotiate costs and terms as necessary. Please note that with regard to web hosting we are acting as a reseller for another supplier. All requests for technical support in this area must therefore be addressed via ourselves, as our supplier is unable to handle third party requests for support.
  • Misuse of Internet facilities – Web sites are generally created with the ability for users to manage their own content. This privilege is granted to you on the condition that you do not add any material of an unlawful nature or that in any way constitutes the misuse of Internet facilities. Any violation will result in the immediate withdrawal of your web site, and claims may be made against you for any legal liability placed upon us as a result of your actions.
  • Intellectual property rights – Source code will be made available to the client for all web design and database projects. In the event of the cessation of your relationship with us, you may continue to maintain the source code as necessary, solely for the furtherance of the associated project. This is subject to the condition that we will at all times retain the right to re-use any code modules in connection with other projects, and for this reason you may therefore not resell or re-copyright any supplied material.