Starting Point

No-one has been around for the thousands or millions of years necessary to have witnessed the origin of the earth or the universe. Whilst this may seem a ridiculous statement of the obvious, it is nevertheless one way of saying that we cannot conclusively prove how the universe came into being. Unable to do so, that leaves us with the task of having to look at the evidence available and build a scientific model that fits the facts. If more than one model is possible then we have to decide on our starting point.

On the whole matter of origins a key question when determining our starting point must be that of “Am I going to include or exclude God within my thinking?”. Would it be unreasonable to suggest that this is a moral decision rather than a scientific one? Even so it is a question that has got to be asked.

Popular teaching and belief may lead us to think that the evolutionist approach is the only one. The fact of the matter is however that there has been much bona fide scientific research done from a creationist point of view and a scientific model based on creation does exist. We’re just not told about it.

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